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Panama was constructed in a way that the best view of this gorgeous high rise filled skyline is by water. Rent a boat for the day and experience this amazing view in the city bay or off the coast at Taboga Island.


If fishing is what you're after then wake up early and shoot out to the Pearl Islands where you'll find the bigger catches in deep waters. Not the serious sport fisher- sleep in a little and just do some mid-sea fishing behind Taboga island. If you're interested in the complete fishing getaway, rent our luxury villa on Pedro Gonzalez island in the middle of the Pearls with its own 50' Viking available at your pleasure to more quickly reach the continental shelf. Fish by day and relax in paradise by the pool of your villa at night. 

Or for an easy day charter, the nearby island of Taboga is perfect for groups of all sizes with a beach and lovely small town this is an easy way to enjoy the best of Panama from the sea. 

Looking for a perfect venue for your next private event- look no further. We have beautiful large vessels for your wedding, corporate event, or gourmet private dinner cruise. Work with our sales team to organize every aspect so it goes off without a hitch. 

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