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Located in the heart of the Bay of Panama in the Pacific Ocean is the archipelago of the Pearl Islands consisting of over 200 islands, most of which are uninhabited. 


Discovered and colonized by the Spanish Conquistadors in the early 1500s. Earning its name from the abundance of Pearls found throughout the islands, this picturesque chain of islands has become a hot spot for the wealthy looking to escape prying eyes to secluded virgin white sand beaches with warm turquoise waters. 

Sitting at the edge of the continental shelf, the marine life in the waters of the Pearls is vibrant and flourishing, providing a safe haven for humpback whales during their seasonal migration. Moving towards open waters, the sport fisher can try their luck at catching marlin, blue fin tuna, dorados, and red snapper. 

Relax on a private beach and explore the rainforests of the islands where fauna has evolved apart from the other islands allowing for unique sightings of animals. Drop anchor at Isla Mogo Mogo where the once famed reality TV show Survivor took place. 

The three main islands of the Archipelago de Las Perlas are Isla Contadora, Isla Del Rey, and Isla San Jose. Isla Contadora is the most developed and most visited of the islands Though small at only 1.2 square kilometers in size, it has twelve white sand beaches. On other islands such as Isla Viveros and Isla Pedro Gonzalez new five star communities are in development. 


Originally founded as the gold counting island under the Spanish crown when transporting gold from South America back to Spain it, has become the home to many of the wealthiest Panamanians. Boasting one of the larger populations within the Pearl Islands there are a number of gourmet restaurants, hotels, and an local airport. 

Explore this gorgeous hub of the Pearls and pick up any supplies before motoring off to a secluded private beach on a nearby island. 


Made infamous by the TV show "Survivor" Isla Mogo Mogo is an uninhabited pristine island surrounded by gorgeous reef and close to Isla Chapera where you can anchor in sheltered waters and snorkel or scuba dive. Dive down and try to find a pearl filled oyster, what the archipelago attributes its name to. 

With clear blue skies,  enjoy the pleasant sea breeze on your own secluded beach. 


A major attraction within the Pearls is the migration of humpback whales during the months of June to October.  An estimated 2000-2500 southern humpback whales visit the Pearl Islands during these months. These gentle giants are a beautiful sight and there is nothing like enjoying a nice cocktail on deck with the best seats for the show. 


Our Pearl Island charters are all inclusive and are dependent upon the season to provide what yacht options are available. Please contact us directly to provide options and work with you to build the perfect vacation getaway in this tropical paradise. 

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