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Whether you are a novice or experienced angler, or you just want to try your luck at throwing a few lines out into the water, Panama is considered one of the worlds premier fishing destinations.  We have vessels ranging from small day cruisers to fully equipped sport fishing yachts ready to take on the open ocean.
If catching a prize marlin is your objective you won’t mind starting early to head out past the Pearl Islands to the edge of the continental shelf. There, amidst the true deep sea waters, you can put your skills to the test against sailfish, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and giant tuna among others.
Not so keen on getting up early? Not a problem, we can explore the back side of nearby Isla Taboga and the fathom trench for some mid-sea fishing mixed with a little sight seeing and perhaps a few cold beers

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Only 30 minutes from the marina in Panama City is amazing mid-sea fishing on the backside of Taboga Island. A great spot to catch some Needle Fish or Spanish Mackerel we pick you up from your hotel at 7:30am and have you back by 5pm. 


On your way out to the Pearl Islands, drop a trawl and enjoy the ride. With lots of Red Pargo and Mahi along the way it's NOT always about the destination, but the journey. 


Out past the archipelago of the Pearl Islands you will find some of the best fish at the shelf drop off near Isla San Jose Gonzalez. Recommended to turn this into a multi-day by heading out to the Pearls, staying out there and rising early to be at the shelf early to catch Marlin.


Each of these vessels below departs from Panama City, includes all fishing gear, and takes the group out to the Pearl islands for sport fishing. Recommended departure time no later than 8am. Return around 5pm approximately. We do have alternative options to these listed. Just reach out with your date of interest and what you're looking to catch and we'll provide the options and pricing. 

27ft Proline

Max Capacity: 4

Cabins: 0

Bathroom: 1


Backside of Taboga (half day) - $650

Taboga - $900

Pearl Islands- $1,250

Finger/ Kidneys - $1,700

38ft Todomar

Max Capacity: 18

Cabins: 0

Bathroom: 1


20 fathoms - $1,800

Pearl Islands- $1,900

Finger/ Kidneys - $2,500

36ft Luhrs

Max Capacity: 8 

Cabins: 1

Bathroom: 1

Backside of Taboga - $1,450

Taboga/ Otoque - $1,850

Pearl Islands- $2,250

Finger/ Kidneys - $3,000

41ft Viking

Max Capacity: 8 (can accommodate up to 14 non-anglers)

Cabins: 2

Bathroom: 1


20 fathoms (Bono/ Otoque) - $2,300

Pearl Islands- $3,000

Finger/ Kidneys - $4,150

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